We book shows on occasion if there is something coming through that we like. We have several venues to book shows in Providence and Boston. Our goal is to bring good tours/bands to town. We may only do a show every other month, or sometimes three in one month, it depends on what's happening at the time. We generally will not book a show we don't have time to promote properly. If we can't put 100% into the show, we'd rather let someone do it who can. To do otherwise would be in insult to the bands on tour and the audience, and that is not what we're here to do. Feel free to contact us about shows if you are looking to play in the area. Be prepared to hear a NO as well, if we are not into it. We will give you some other contacts if we can't help you.

When we book shows, we usually aim for touring bands, bands we have known as friends, or bands we want to see play in this town. Any band that has the dedication to come tour deserves our help and support. We will book any band of any genre of music, as long as we are actually interested in it and can get a venue for the night that is appropriate for the show. We deal direct with bands, and we deal with booking agents. We don't normally do guarantees or contracts. As a general rule we don't take anything other than minimal expenses if we have any, performing bands get the majority of the door once venue expenses are paid. We're not booking agents, we're not trying to make a living booking shows, we're a record shop run by two people who like music and want good shows to come to the area. We both have been in bands for a long time and have been on many tours. We do our best to do it right.

Local Bands:
Generally we try to put one or two local bands on each show. Our ideal show is three or four bands generally, as the attention span for people attending is usually good for that many. We try our best to rotate local bands through all our shows, and we feel it can be good to mix genres musically if we feel exposing different crowds to new music is worth a try. We can't possibly book every band around, so we're picky about who goes on which show. If we can't accommodate your desire to play, we can probably get you in touch with someone who can. If you want to play, send us some kind of demo tape, vinyl, or cd we can listen to. Mail it to the Armageddon Shop address, or drop it off with your contact and any other pertinent information we should have, and we'll get back to you if what you're doing fits a particular show we have happening.

E-mail Updates
You can contact us with your email or follow us on Facebook and we can let you know about shows we are booking.